Fitness: Building a Healthier Body

When it comes to orthopedic injuries and musculoskeletal pain, physical fitness is an important factor in the recovery process. While many patients assume that pain will hold them back from exercising and getting in shape, it is actually much more beneficial to exercise according to your doctor’s instructions to see an improvement in your symptoms. At Agape Health, we have built our own fully functional gym to provide our patients with immaculate exercise facilities, where they will have the benefit of physician monitored exercise and fitness training to avoid future injuries. Too often, patients are sent away from the doctor’s office with exercise instructions, and they sustain injuries by using improper techniques or muscle-isolating exercises.

Customized Fitness Planning

Fitness can mean something different for everyone, so it is essential to begin your fitness program with a detailed assessment of your current physical capabilities and limitations. From here, you can begin working on a personalized program to improve the functional skills that matter most to you so that you are able to carry out your regular routine comfortably with no pain. Below, you’ll get a closer look at the process you can expect when you work with Agape to improve your physical fitness.

  • Physical assessment – We use a multi-point system for fitness testing, which includes cardio-respiratory ability, maximum lifting ability, endurance, and flexibility. Measuring these key areas, we can design a plan that will gradually improve your overall fitness and address your primary goals.
  • Goal setting – Everyone has different motivations to get in shape, so we will discuss these factors with you to design a fitness plan that helps you achieve your goals.
  • Functional exercises – For every individual we train, we utilize functional exercises like suspension training, gymnastics, and other body weight-based exercises. These exercises have a lower risk for injuries associated with activities like weight lifting, and they can increase the effectiveness of your workout by targeting multiple muscle groups at once.

Enhanced Fitness with Healing Therapies

In addition to physician-supervised fitness, our doctors provide chiropractic care and healing with advanced therapies, including deep tissue treatment. Deep tissue treatment is able to target the source of pain caused by injuries in the skeletal muscles and soft tissues, which may not be effectively treated with other physiotherapies.

At Agape Health & Fitness, we treat the whole person with a combination of therapies and the attentive care of our physicians, Drs. Bradshaw and Krugly. To schedule a consultation where you can explore your fitness and holistic healthcare needs, give us a call today at (702) 410-5354.