Signs Your Pet Could Benefit from Chiropractic Treatment

Most people know that chiropractic treatment can alleviate back pain and address a wide range of chronic health conditions without medication, but did you know that the same holds true for chiropractic care for your pet? Animal chiropractic is a growing field in veterinary medicine and allows treatment of musculoskeletal problems without surgery or medications. As with human patients, spinal misalignments in pets can lead to variety of health conditions that can impact your animal’s comfort, mobility, and quality of life. Could chiropractic medicine be the answer for your pet? Continue reading to find out more.

Spinal Misalignments in Dogs

You can learn a lot about your dog’s spine health by watching him or her walk. An irregular gait, decreased range of motion, and a new inability to climb stairs or jump could be indicators that your dog is having back pain. You may also notice that your once active dog is now reluctant to move or only wants to walk or play for a limited amount of time before lying down again. Often, dogs with spinal misalignments only lay on one side, and they may be sensitive to touch when you try to pet them. Some dogs may exhibit a pained facial expression and experience muscle atrophy or lick granulomas.

Spinal Misalignments in Cats

Cats are particularly prone to spinal misalignments, as they have over 100 joints in their backs. Cats with misalignments have similar symptoms to dogs, including irregular gait, touch sensitivity, shortened stride, and inability to climb. Cats are notorious for hiding their symptoms, so may not outwardly show as many signs of pain as dogs. Paying close attention to how your cat moves and changes in his or her activity levels will help you identify potential spine issues.

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