What Are the Benefits of Deep Tissue Technique?

As the name implies, the deep tissue technique focuses on the tissues deep beneath your skin, including the muscles and tendons. Deep tissue techniques can be therapeutic for individuals who suffer from acute or chronic injuries. A clinician may use the Active Release Technique (ART) or Graston to resolve neuromuscular problems.

Reduction of Acute and Chronic Pain

Many patients with acute or chronic pain are interested in a way to feel better without resorting to over-the-counter or powerful prescription painkillers. Deep tissue techniques can be a good option for pain relief without the side effects that drugs can cause. A clinician can release muscle tension, and improve the glide between tissues such as the fascia, ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

Rehabilitation of Injured Structures

This is accomplished first by examination and diagnoses. Proper treatment is then rendered to the affected area. This is followed with supplemental exercises, athletic taping or bracing, and movement re-training.

Reduction of Painful Scar Tissue

As part of the body’s natural response to tissue damage, scar tissue forms during the healing process. Unlike normal tissue, scar tissue isn’t fully functional. Scar tissue lacks flexibility, causes pain, and contributes to dysfunctional movement. Deep tissue techniques can gradually break up the scar tissue, allowing the body to get rid of it. This not only improves patients’ chronic pain; it also can improve the function of the body part.

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