Focus on ART

Active Release Technique—or ART—is a soft tissue manipulation treatment used to ease pain associated with overuse injuries. Your chiropractor can use ART to treat a variety of problems associated with soft tissue injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and tennis elbow. There are over 500 specific manipulation moves that are included in the ART treatment protocol, allowing your chiropractor to build a treatment that is perfectly suited to your specific needs.

During every ART treatment, your provider will both examine and treat, using different hand manipulations to locate areas of tension, scar tissue, trapped nerves, and reduced range of motion. Then, those areas will be worked using specific motions to ease the tension, break down scar tissue, and improve range of motion.

At Agape Health & Agape Fitness, Dr. Krugly is certified to provide Active Release Technique in Las Vegas and provides this effective type of deep tissue treatment to his family chiropractic patients. Schedule a consultation today by calling (702) 410-5354 and find out if ART could be right for you.


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