Treating Overuse Injuries with Chiropractic Care

A condition that commonly affects the health of athletes and fitness trainers is an overuse injury. Also called cumulative trauma disorder, this type of injury occurs when the repetitive use of particular muscles or joints results in tissue damage to the area.

Causes of Overuse Injury

Occurring most commonly in the shoulders, wrists, knees, shins, elbows and the back, overuse injuries often appear in the form of tendonitis and stress fractures. For athletes, these injuries are typically caused when their muscles and ligaments are put under more stress than they can handle as part of a training regimen. Poor technique and failure to warm up properly before exercise also contribute to overuse injuries.

Overuse Injury Prevention

By following a few simple guidelines, you can prevent overuse injury or re-injury. Always warm up before stretching and increase your workout or fitness training regimen gradually. Slowly escalate the amount of strain you put your body under and never push through serious pain. Run on flat, soft surfaces when possible and alternate your training with easy days and hard days. It’s important that runners invest in a new pair of running shoes every 500 miles to ensure that they are getting proper cushioning, and doctors recommend that they do not surpass more than 45 miles of running per week.

Treatment of Overuse Injury

A form of treatment for overuse injury that is favored by chiropractors is Active Release Therapy or ART. ART is an advanced soft tissue-based massage technique that can treat issues affecting muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, and nerves. Patients who suffer from a variety of conditions including shin splints, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tennis elbow to name a few, find relief in this form of treatment.

At Agape Health & Fitness, we specialize in a variety of treatments aimed at resolving overuse injuries and many other conditions. Call us today at (702) 410-5354 to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment with an experienced chiropractor near Las Vegas.

Find Out How We Helped One Patient Overcome Lower Back Pain

At Agape Health & Fitness, we give patients an alternative to surgery and medication for chronic pain through chiropractic treatments and integrative healthcare. Watch this video to hear how we helped one of our patients avoid surgery for lower back pain.

This patient came to us after being diagnosed with a bulging disc and having an unsatisfactory consultation with a spine surgeon. Within weeks of starting chiropractic treatment, the patient experienced a dramatic reduction in pain and regained her health and mobility.

Don’t let chronic pain prevent you from doing the things you love. Call Agape Health & Fitness today at (702) 410-5334 and make an appointment with a chiropractor in Las Vegas to learn more about your treatment options.

Get the Facts about the Graston Technique

If you are suffering from chronic pain and inflammation, one treatment option your chiropractor may suggest is the Graston Technique. The Graston Technique, also known as deep tissue technique, uses instruments to target areas of inflammation and break up scar tissue to alleviate pain. The Graston Technique was developed to treat sports injuries, but has been embraced by chiropractors and other practitioners to address a variety of soft tissue injuries. If you are considering the Graston Technique as part of your treatment plan, here is what you need to know.

Technique Basics

Often, patients with acute or chronic soft tissue pain have scar tissue and other fascia restrictions that have been caused by a traumatic injury. These restrictions interfere with the movement of the soft tissue, causing pain. The Graston Technique focuses on identifying these areas of scarring and restriction, and stretching the connective tissue to resolve the restrictions and ease pain. To achieve the best results, a chiropractor usually provides treatment along the kinetic chain in the body, addressing soft tissue in areas of the body that are removed from the site of the discomfort but that are connected in the fascial network.

Treatment Method

Before performing deep tissue techniques, your chiropractor may apply heat to warm the treatment area. There are six instruments used in the Graston Technique. Your chiropractor will select the appropriate ones for your needs and examine the affected area for restrictions. Next, a Graston Technique instrument will be used to apply pressure to affected deep tissue for between 30 and 60 seconds. This process may be repeated across several treatment sites.

Post-Treatment Care

After receiving Graston Technique treatments, you may notice bruising, redness, or soreness. Ice can be used to alleviate any discomfort. Your chiropractor may recommend exercises to do post-treatment to encourage healing. Many patients report a reduction in pain and increased mobility after a single treatment.

Agape Health & Fitness is pleased to offer Graston near Las Vegas alongside other chiropractic medicine and fitness training services from Dr. Bradshaw and Dr. Krugly. For more information about our services, please call (702) 410-5354.

Getting Fit the Right Way

When you think of fitness, do you imagine weight machines, treadmills, and a crowded gym environment? With such an inhospitable setting, it’s no wonder more people aren’t working out. At Agape Health and Fitness, we define fitness as the ability to perform a task—whether for competition or leisure—with ease and without injury. But, since everything we do calls upon all the muscle groups of the body, traditional isolation exercises are unrealistic for your daily life. Our fitness training uses your own weight or additional weights to target all parts of the body, thus cultivating all-around strength that prevents injury. Many injuries and aches, such as low back pain, arise from poor muscle tone in the core, hips, or back, and targeting all muscle groups will help you feel better than ever.

If you’re searching for a well-rounded fitness training program, look no further than Agape Health and Fitness. Our experienced doctors and trainers will develop a fitness plan that treats your aches and strengthens your body. To learn more about our goals for you, visit our website or call us at (702) 410-5354.

Does Your Pet Need a Chiropractor?

Many people are aware of the benefits that chiropractic care offers to humans. Chiropractic medicine is also incredibly effective at treating health problems in animals, including arthritis, back and hip problems, inflammation, joint and muscle pain, and other chronic or acute pain conditions. Animal chiropractors must meet rigorous education, training, and licensing requirements in order to be qualified to provide animal chiropractic services.

Your pet can benefit from animal chiropractic care if your veterinarian has diagnosed him with any chronic or acute pain or discomfort resulting from a neurological or musculoskeletal condition. Chiropractic medicine can restore functional movement that was lost due to arthritis, injury, illness, or pain. Animal chiropractic care has also been shown to improve behavioral problems, appetite, sleep patterns, anxiety, and depression in pets.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how an animal chiropractor near Las Vegas can help your pet, come see us at Agape Health & Fitness. We offer a range of animal chiropractic services that can improve the overall physical and emotional health of your pet. To schedule a consultation with one of our chiropractors, call us today at (702) 410-5354.

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